How often do you release the box?

The current plan is an exclusive quarterly box subscription. You will receive four (4) boxes throughout the year. Every three (3) months we will be shipping you a new ellen curated box completely different from the last. These are limited edition boxes and only have a limited amount of box subscriptions available. If you love this limited edition BE KIND. by ellen subscription box, Sign up here to be the first to hear more about it!

If I purchase the limited edition BE KIND by ellen box, will I be automatically subscribed for subsequent boxes?

Yes, you will automatically be subscribed and charged $54.99 each quarter. Customers will be charged $54.99, four (4) times a year when a new box is released. However, you will always have the ability to cancel your account at any time. 

Will I ever receive the same product in the box?

No, you will not receive the same product more than once. However, there is a possibility of receiving a similar product, from a different brand, in a future box.

What are the hours for customer service?

Our customer care team is available from 9:00 AM through 5:00 PM PST Monday through Friday.

Subscription Membership 


Ellen’s quarterly box spreads kindness by spotlighting brands who do the same. When joining the BE KIND. world, Ellen has a few different options to choose from when selecting membership: 

(NEW!) Premium Subscribers

As a Premium Subscriber, you’ll pay an ANNUAL FEE of $251.96* (saving 10% overall!) and receive FOUR quarterly boxes throughout the year, starting with the Holiday 2019 box. Subscribers who upgrade before the launch of the Holiday Box, will receive the Holiday Box and the following three boxes. Subscribers who upgrade after the launch of the Holiday Box, may receive the latest box (if still available), otherwise they will receive the four following boxes.

In addition to all of the products our Quarterly Subscribers receive, Premium Subscribers will receive chances to win amazing prizes, like tickets to Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaways tapings, travel experiences, and big-ticket products like those Ellen gives away on-air. Trust us, you don’t want to miss out! 

(NEW!) Annual Subscribers

When you sign up for an Annual Subscription you automatically receive 10% off the Quarterly Box rate. You'll pay $197.96* upfront for your first four (4) boxes. 

New Annual Subscribers will receive the latest box and the following three boxes. Subscribers who upgrade before the launch of the latest box, will receive the latest box and the following three boxes. Subscribers who upgrade after the launch of the latest box, may receive the latest box (if still available), otherwise they will receive the four following boxes.

You will not be charged for your subscription again until the end of your annual term. Your subscription automatically renews each year unless you decide to cancel before your renewal date.Each quarter, we will email you before your order ships to send tracking information and remind you to check your shipping and billing information. 

Quarterly Subscribers

As a Quarterly Subscriber, you'll pay $54.99* per box each quarter. Before we ship your box, we’ll send you an email to remind you of the upcoming bill and all other details about your upcoming box! Before we ship, double check your shipping, billing and credit card information so we can make sure your box arrives as quickly as possible!Your subscription will automatically renew each quarter unless you decide to cancel before your upcoming bill date. If you join as a Quarterly Subscriber and later decide to become an Annual Subscriber, you can upgrade at any time from your account.


How do I Cancel my Subscription?

  1. Log in to the merchant portal on Listed as "Account" 
  2.  Once logged into your account please click onto the "Manage Subscriptions" button 
  3. After you clicked on the BE KIND - By ellen Box subscription $54.99 Button:You are taken to the next page 
  4. Click the cancel button 
  5. your subscription is now canceled

When will I be billed?

If you sign up today, you will be immediately billed for your first box. You will be charged each time a box is shipped. Total of 4 boxes per year at $54.99 per box. Additional international shipping will apply.

What method of payments do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

Can I change my billing date?

At this time, you cannot change your billing date.

Can I get a refund on the box?

No, refunds are not offered. Gift it to a friend and they will think you are amazing.If a box has been sent back to us without communicating with our Customer Care Team, we will ship the box back to the address on file.If you have received a damaged product in your box, or if your box is missing a product, please contact our Customer Care Team within 2 weeks of delivery, and we will assist you with getting the item replaced.If your box is missing, we must be notified via email within two (2) weeks of receiving your tracking information. If we are not notified within that time frame, we can no longer be held accountable for the missing items and will not be able to offer a replacement.


Is shipping free? 

Shipping is completely free for all subscriptions inside the contiguous US - 

Puerto Rico, Alaska, and Hawaii will incur small additional fees.

Our Canadian friends will incur a $16 shipping fee per shipment. ***Additional duties/taxes will apply on international orders. Customer will be responsible for these fees

When will I receive my box?

If you are a current subscriber to BE KIND. by ellen, you will be billed quarterly about (1) month before the seasonal box ships. We will alert you before the charge hits your credit card and allow you enough time to update your shipping, billing, and credit card information before the box makes its way to you.

  As a new subscriber, if you sign up after the most recent seasonal box has already launched, you will receive your box within 7 business days of subscribing for the first time. If, as a new subscriber, you sign up in advance of the most recent seasonal box launching, you will receive your first box when the next seasonal box launches.  

Do you currently ship to international locations?

We currently ship to the U.S. and Canada. Please keep checking back as we will be opening more international shipping locations in the near future.***Additional duties/taxes may apply on international orders. Customer will be responsible for these fees.

Which shipping carriers do you use? 

Domestic shipments within the United States: FED-EX. 

International shipments: DHL Express. 


How do I pitch a product for the box?

Would you like your product or brand to be considered for product placement or sponsorship inside of Ellen’s BE KIND. by ellen box? 

Company Name: