Laugh. Dance. BE KIND.

(ellen would be proud of you)


What is BE KIND. by ellen?

For 17 years, Ellen’s guests, viewers and audience members alike have felt the same unifying experience when they watch The Ellen DeGeneres Show—one that lightens their mood, lifts their spirits and makes their hearts smile. This experience is distinct and undeniable... it’s uniquely ELLEN. To share this experience with people everywhere, Ellen is now curating her very own subscription box: BE KIND. by ellen! Each quarterly box is thoughtfully curated by Ellen and is replete with products she loves that also do something kind for the world.

What makes BE KIND. by ellen special?

Ellen’s quarterly box spreads kindness by spotlighting brands who do the same.

As you know, one of Ellen’s goals is to help make the planet a better place for EVERYONE, in every way possible. To help make this change, Ellen hand chooses brands that do something “kind” for the world, whether they’re ecofriendly, focus on carbon emissions or plastic waste, help with mental strength, etc to spotlight in her boxes. By subscribing, you not only receive amazing products, but also help make a difference in the world (and help Ellen get a little closer to her goal!).

BE KIND. by Ellen Community

ellen Degeneres BE KIND. by ellen community

Whether you sign up for the Ellen Be Kind Box or not you're doing great stuff so be good for goodness sake.